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Two folks hugging with sheer pride flagwrapped around their shoulders.

Who We Are and What We Do

Who We Are Page

For Us, By Us

speqtrum is a program of YWCA Hamilton that is youth-founded and youth-focused. speqtrum focuses on skill-sharing and community building for 2S-LGBTQIA+ young people in Hamilton, ON.

We aim to build community among 2S-LGBTQIA+ youth by offering a variety of programs and supports. We provide online one-on-one support through weekly Check-Ins and Peer Support, where speqtrum team members support youth through different challenges in life.  We also provide community-building opportunities through group events and skill-sharing workshops that help our community build capacity and advocate for change

Recognizing we all have different interests, abilities, and comfort levels, speqtrum creates a variety of spaces to meet other like-minded 2S-LGBTQIA+ folks.​

Group of folks celebrating in the streets with a pride flag and glitter.
Pride flags hanging with globe lights in the sky.

Mission and Mandate

Recognizing the need for 2S-LGBTQIA+ youth community development and ownership, speqtrum will be developing a mission statement with the guidance of youth, peers, and elders in the future. 

Our current mandate is to support the growth and development of 2S-LGBTQIA+ youth (17-29) and their communities through two meetups each month and workshops investing in the skills and organizing capacity of our city's queer and trans youth.

Our goal is that Hamilton's 2S-LGBTQIA+ youth will form and maintain healthy, close relationships with their peers and community. 

Meet the Team

Bitmoji of Noura


Pronouns: She/Her

Role: 2S-LGBTQIA+ Newcomer Youth Support Worker-YWCA Join Programs

Loves: Plants, community, gaming, bellydance

Work Interests: Finding creative ways communities can care for each other, exchanging skills and knowledge that build community capacity.



Pronouns: They/Them

Role: speqtrum Coordinator

Loves: Comedy, board games, makeup, costumes, cats

Work Interests: Working to celebrate the power of community. Focused on building safety and support for 2S-LGBTQIA+ community members and spaces to express vulnerability. 


MicrosoftTeams-image (2).png


Pronouns: She/Her

Role: speqtrum Coordinator

Loves: Art, room decor, listening to music, plants, hiking, baking

Work Interests: Facilitating welcoming environments and services that encourage people to come as they are. Working to create spaces that foster community and a sense belonging. 


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