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Program Description

The Intersect Act will provide individuals who have experienced racism and hate with crucial information and support, including legal support, advocacy, culturally sensitive referrals, workshops, translation support, strategies for recognizing, documenting, and recovering from racism and hate, and support accessing basic needs like housing, healthcare, and employment that often create racism-related barriers for QT-BIPOC folks.

Creating access and establishing a solid centre for QT-BIPOC communities

Creation of Safer Spaces and QT-BIPOC Support Groups

Addressing causes and consequences of racism and hate, opening cross-cultural dialogues

Empowering participants with knowledge, self-advocacy, and peer-to-peer leadership

Engaging participants in podmapping (a transformative justice practice that enables people to form networks of support and collective action plans in response to violence, racism and hate)

Building community care, with the goal of increasing QT-BIPOC capacity for self-advocacy and effective response to incidents of racism and hate

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